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New Synthetic Oil BlogExplanation of why you should purchase Amsoil from us, and why our purchase links lead to the site. We are a T-1 certified Amsoil Dealer since the 1980's.

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Synthetic oil and lubricants can help you save money with increased fuel economy and fewer oil changes. Synthetic oil offers greater protection for your engines, transmissions, and gearboxes, and improved performance. Take action by using the right sidebar to request information.Follow us on Twitter Request information is no obligation; two things will happen if you request info. Amsoil will email you an online catalog, and SyntheticOilHQ will mail you (USPS) a catalog, Amsoil stickers, and any other information you requested. No obligation, so make sure to request a catalog. If you are outside the US and Canada, email us and we will do our best to ship internationally.

For a simple explanation of all of the ways you can build a second income stream by becoming an Amsoil Dealer, read the income opportunities document, or Amsoil income blog post.

We ship to Canada no problem. Although we are a Kansas City Amsoil Dealer, we have good snowmobile and snowcross customers who order to Canada regularly. Request a Canada specific (Canadian prices) catalog and order direct. When requesting the catalog, just pick your province in the "state" selection box.

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Amsoil synthetic oil gains popularity.

Synthetic oil is becoming more and more popular, with many high performance cars coming from the factory with synthetic oils installed when new. Some cars that are delivered with synthetics include; Acura RDX, Aston Martin, Bentley, Cadillac, Corvette, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes SLR, Mitsubishi Evolution, Solstice GXP, Porsche, Saturn Red Line, Dodge Viper, and more. Educate yourself and you'll learn that Amsoil synthetic oils beat all others in testing. Many manufacturers are also promoting extended drain intervals, something Amsoil has been advocating for decades. Most European manufacturers suggest 9,000 mile drain intervals and are considering doubling it. Big Oil is the main remaining supporter of 3,000 mile oil changes; it helps them sell more oil. Unnecessary oil changes use 300-400 million gallons of oil annually, and over 1.5 billion dollars annually in U.S. consumer costs. There is also environmental impact; all that old oil has to go somewhere.

The solution? Use a quality synthetic oil like Amsoil and extended drain intervals of 7,500, 25,000, or 35,000 miles as recommended by Amsoil. This will reduce your oil changes from 4-5 per year to 1-2 per year. Order Amsoil online and have it sent from a local Amsoil warehouse, and can usually be delivered in 2-3 days from the local warehouse. If you're not ready to order, or just need more information, take 60 seconds and request a free Amsoil catalog, or to request information on becoming an Amsoil independent dealer.


Other Amsoil news... 

  • new item icon Amsoil introduces fuel additive for small engine and powersports use.
  • new item icon All Amsoil Boating products on one page.
  • new item icon All Amsoil Automotive products on one page.
  • new item icon For quick change / oil change shops;  Use this link to view the online brochure "Boost Profits with Amsoil". This online 6 page brochure is created for quick change oil change shops.                                       
  • new item icon Amsoil scientific heavy duty grease test vs. competitor greases. Amsoil Grease test video. The clearly shows most greases failing pound out tests, and the differences are dramatic.

  • new item icon 64 ways to make your car last longer with synthetic oil; 64 ways to make your car last longer with Amsoil.

  • new item icon I'm in need of a quick lube or oil change company in the KC area who installs Amsoil. Please email me if you are interested;

  • Amsoil has just added an "Amsoil Garage" feature to the website. You can log in and save vehicle data for return visits. Read more at the link on the left. You can also create a free login without any purchase by using referral code 313120 to create a new, free My Garage account. Amsoil free My Garage account setup.

  • Online Amsoil Dealer Application; download and mail in form for a quick Amsoil Dealer setup. Amsoil Dealership

Benefits and features of Amsoil synthetic oil, some of them listed below

  • Benefits: Vehicles, motorcycles and various equipments last longer when using Amsoil synthetic oil, need fewer repairs and upkeep and emit cleaner exhaust. Less smoking on diesels.
  • Benefit: Vehicles and equipment perform better (Amsoil = more horsepower) and get better fuel economy.
  • Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic oil lasts longer than other lubricants do. I've run vehicles for years without oil changes, by just changing filters.
  • Benefit: Amsoil synthetic oil runs cooler and cooler engines resist stress and wear. I've noticed significant cooler running on my Harley Davidson and other bikes. They last longer, perform better and require fewer repairs.
  • Benefit; Engines stay clean internally when using Amsoil products, including fuel systems, which helps them perform better, last longer and require fewer repairs.
  • Benefit; Easier cold temperature starting. Better high and low temperature protection, which helps engines last longer and require fewer repairs.
  • Benefit Lower wear rate on internal parts from Amsoil synthetic oil, which helps engines last longer and require fewer repairs. Improves fuel economy.
  • Benefit: Reduced oil consumption from synthetic oil. Better oil flow gives better fuel economy and better wear protection. Lower volatility (doesn't evaporate like petroleum oils do).
  • Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic motor oils work safely and protect at higher and lower temperatures than petroleum oils do. I grew up in North Dakota and know from experience.
  • Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic motor oils last longer than conventional oils do, which saves drivers money and reduces the environmental impact of used lubricants.

News from Amsoil, and Amsoil Racing

Amsoil Synthetic Oil


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